Friday, February 20


The court yard of God Psalm 92
I have been enjoying art a great deal. Painting takes me places I long to be, even to far corners of the turns my heart to pray for people I am painting for.. I enjoying painting for others, it stretches my mind when something seems to challenging, painting gives me time to listen to music and podcasts, and mainly it's been a place I process life right now. Winter is dark. Painting can be beautiful and life giving. Life is uncertain and can be so difficult, maybe not difficult for me right now but for people I love. I've faced sickness but somehow I still have energy to create. Paintings and crafts from around the world have turned our home into an eclectic cultural experience. I hold our home with open hands and would gladly pack up and move anywhere. No mater where I've lived art and pictures have made it home. Now my husband and I will always get to make our home together. Thankful for him and his love and support of my desire to create and bless others with what I paint.
Beach in PNG. 


Wednesday, October 29

Its been over a year... i want to write again

Our Street

The Season of life that I am now in is so different then anything I've ever known, it is rich, it is blessed, it is new, it is beautiful, it is challenging, and it is changing me.

expression of my husbands love
More then a few things have been on my heart and haven't stopped going around and around in my mind...
How God orchestrates life as He is outside of time and space
That He brought me to this place and allowed for me to become one with a man who loves and points me to Christ
When the leaves started changing I found myself rejoicing in the rich colors God created
My husband brought me flowers on a day in my heart I was wishing for flowers.. God knows the wishes of my heart..that seem so little and unimportant
Life is hard, health and body are unreliable, but God slowed me down to listen, to pray, to be alone
Friendships are precious to my soul, many friends are far away...i'm called to Pray for them.
Distance in the the realm of praying to my Almighty God means nothing
Giving and loving looks different now...what am I sacrificing...for God, for loving well, for the gospel?
Why are we here and for how long will be here... what will be next?
Contentment and courage to settle down here and put down roots...purchasing good winter boots
Being so sensitive to the Spirits not get to comfortable
Where will He lead us if He does? We will go anywhere... do anything. Even stay here?
I long to become more and more sensitive to the Spirit of God and know His presence and obey His leading in my mind and in my actions.
Oh the mind, it is where idols are born and sin happens without anyone knowing
To just love well, to feel others pain and joy, to experience the rawness of life with others.
and lastly...
Thinking on and drawing near to my sweet Good Shepherd...knowing His protection and provision...waiting and resting in His presence...and being thankful.

Thankful for Farmers Markets
There are two many thoughts and prayers and burdens and joys to write them all.
Yet this is just beginning and I again want to worship my Savior through creating in word and art.
Expressing life's struggles, digesting truth, and enjoying beauty.
This new season must be documented and thought on ...for I know well that time will go by all to quickly.

Soaking up fall and all its glory 

Friday, October 18

Always a Season to Love

Seasons, oh season..
Seasons of growth; learning
There are seasons of sadness; Being challenged deep
Seasons of Change; It is good it is hard
Unknown seasons; what might be around the bend
Seasons of unsatisfied hearts; Contentment is hard to grasp
Fantastic seasons to rejoice; joy should remain
Seasons of war; victory is only found in His Name
No mater what season; It is always a season to love
To love well because, unlike seasons, Love never changes

I find myself continually being places into seasons of life which I never could have planned...though the changes  that continues to come are always for good they are not always easy. When days seem harder I find myself looking inward...but Christ faithfully draws me out. He reminds me that every day is a gift from Him and for His glory. No mater what comes my way I am sourced into His unlimited, perfect love which I am to embrace and pour out to others.

trust and obey

What does a heart of obedience look like?
Yielding to the Spirit of God
Go or Stay
Listening to His call to be still
Trusting Him and His timing
Resting in His unchanging character
Walk in purity and uprightness
Wait for Christ to meet me
Listen for Him to speak truth into my selfish heart
Learn to be quiet inside and out
Trust in the cleansing blood of my Savior to make my desires one with His
Saying Yes when my first instinct is to say no
Most of all a heart of obedience effects eternity
It reflects the very life of Christ
Continual dying to self
Glorifying my Father in Heaven

Wednesday, June 26

A Letter to Myself,

Alterra: WI
Wayward Soul, you run to unstable ground thinking it will hold you for the time needed, the time needed to reach what you desire, grabbing for something that won't satisfy, something that will crumble in your tight grip.

Anxious Heart, you cling to what is seemingly comfortable and constantly gaze at the future, you say things won't fall into place, you walk with certainty...that nothing will truly work out...hurt will come; and for today the worries are to many to count.

Comfortable Mind, you think you've learned enough, achieved the knowledge needed to walk through the day, intentionally taking time to learn would be inconvenient, what you might learn could cause you to be uncomfortable...aren't you accountable for what you learn?

Antsy Hands and Feet, to sit and be still could possibly bring you to a sad place so you stay busy, not to busy, but you consistently find something that must be done or that you've wished to do, or a person you certainly should see; fun things are the best distraction, anything to keep you from being still.

Unsatisfied Taste Buds and Belly, valuing what makes you feel just right, you neglect to be thankful for the things that might not taste the finest; options are wonderful and lightly sweetened things are perfect, is it all about making sure you feel your happy self always?

French Press: goodness
Dearest Self, you keep missing something huge, remember what you read today? Did it not remind you that Jesus will take care of you? For goodness sakes, the birds are feed, and the flowers clothed, He will be your the deepest need you can conceive. Also weary self, you read one other thing, neglecting your First Love is a tragedy, He is the One who gave everything to call you child...Sweet friendships are a gift for you, He showers you with blessings, hard situations are allowed with love, and even times of quiet are a gift, it is all from your First Love...He wants to spend special moments with you. True soul-deep security can only be found in Him.

So dear self consider, slow down and pray, remember you belong to Another and His grace is sufficient for today.

Sunday, June 2

BBC News- In Pictures

"BBC News- In Pictures" is one of my favorite sites to go to. (Check it out!)
Pictures speak to our hearts...messages and emotions that words can't.
The gallery is changing often. The shots are of anything and everything from anywhere... beautiful, raw, heartbreaking, concerning, and fun...tragedies are captured and victories are revealed.
Faces. Many many faces.
Deep inside I have a desire to know these souls which are behind the captured profiles... they are beautiful, do they know they are loved? Is anyone there to comfort them as they are weeping?
Pray. I can pray for them.

I'm no photographer, but I respect the people behind these shots that are displayed on bbc news. They go anywhere and everywhere to capture important events and be a voice for those suffering.
It connects us to humanity. Feeling connected with whats happening around the world is both overwhelming because one feel helpless, and special because it takes us out of the bubble we living in.

Struggle over the hard pictures. Don't ignore whats happening...learn about it, pray for them, maybe
But don't forget to enjoy and respect the shots of things which are beautiful; created things, passions,

A Haitian merchant cries as she watches flames engulf her belongings at Port Market in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
A merchant weeping in despair after fire destroyed her belongings at Port Market in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.    

Sunday, April 21

religion: consider this

Religion: hated, beautiful, sometimes deceiving, other times true, peace, source of anger and deep fear, discipline, hard work, joy…
I’m not talking about true religion; I’m talking about what man has created or found in search for meaning, purpose…peace
I plea with you, to not take lightly what your neighbor believers ... or who the man across the sea worships…because to them it is truth and the only purpose to life…they don’t know anything different
You tell me, ‘but they are wrong and foolish for believing such silly nonsense’.
To that I reply…each is born into this dying world without hope. How do you know truth? If it truly is true then is it not God and God alone who revealed that to you? He opened your eyes to understanding…
He rocked your world with sacrificial love and undeserved grace.
 Weep for those who don’t know the peace you know.   
Pakistan: Photo by Trudi Dalton
Believe with Fear
By Trudi Dalton

A search to find truth
It is evident in everyone’s eyes
A search to know peace
Yet what each one seems to find are lies

Consider the man who worships
Sacrifices and manipulates and appeases
He knows darkness and its sting to well
There are no true blessings, just teases

The woman who bows down, heart un-mended
She dances, prays, burns incenses, searches
Will her gods think her labor sufficient in the end?
Beautiful woman, will you always be a worshiper of many?

Grandfather with a heart rooted in discipline
He has taught well, prayed often, protected what is written
Fasting, honor what he cherishes, never allowed to doubt
One religion, he has no ear to listen

Humanity is broken
What’s true for you isn’t true for me
Hearts don’t know how to be open
Some consider all to be true, yet are left more confused  

Continue searching dear friend
All roads don’t lead to God, but He can meet you on that road
For you, when will the labor for true peace end
Eternity is a feared reality without Him 

Response to the beautiful and thought provoking film: Life of Pi 
What do you think? 

Wednesday, March 27

Thinking about Him: poem and a doodle

Thinking about Him
The dark path He walked
His bride was on His mind
The door to God had been locked

He was walking toward death
The grave thought it won
The wicked thought this was right
They all forgot one thing, He is God's Son

This path was real and hard
He was left truly alone
Every sin was His reality
Every sin ever known

The grave held Him with sick greed
Those who loved Him were lost
Yet this was the will of God
His life was the cost

To take this lightly would be tragedy
It didn't end with death and the grave
The cost had been paid
Only because Life won on the 3rd day

Thinking about Him
Oh how He was and is mocked
His love for the world was on His mind
I thank Him for the path He walked

-Trudi Dalton
He has Risen 2013

Monday, March 11

worry much.

Special: mum, her mum and me
summer 2010, WA
today i started to worry.
why? because i realized i have been planning and thinking hard.. i'm trying to figure out my life.
sounds silly. but i just for once want to truly know what my summer is going to hold. i wanted to know i'll have a job and can make money to pay for moody. i want to know if i'll get to spend most of my summer with my sweet little niece.
i wanted to know.

i called mum. she said to not worry and to trust God. i know mum struggles with trusting God too...and she said "God knows our weaknesses" He knows we struggle with trusting Him and wants to meet us in that weakness.

maybe i haven't been spending enough time in the Word. maybe thats why i'm worrying today.

possibly im frustrated because i've yet again...come to a stand still where the Lord graciously has shown me i can't do it alone.

God, i want to trust you...truly trust you... i want to claim your peace today. even though today i'm struggling and i miss my family ... You are good. Help me swell on truth.
Show me the line between  exercising faith and doing things on my own strength.

Sunday, March 10

The Church

The Church: Redeemed, Chosen, God’s Beloved

As I’ve been studying, Ecclesiology, I want to share with you some of the key things I’m learning. Not just for your sake, for I honestly have no idea how many people actually read my blog, but for my sake to have a place to look back and remember these incredible truths.
doodle: the church
Ecclesiology, is the study of the Church, both the universal and local body of believers. I’m not here to re-teach the logistics and wordy facts about this amazing study...but what the Lord is teaching my heart.
“Even though Christianity is individual, it is not individualistic.” Francis Schaeffer
In class we talked about the many divisions in the universal church, we talked about how easy it is to pridefully say “I’d be better off living in a log cabin the woods, just me and God”, and we acknowledged the fact that the Lord is working on so many different levels through so many different grids of theology. Who am I to say someone might have wrong theology when there is more visible fruit in their life then in mine? Can we be okay with this? What would the body of believers look like if we agreed to disagree on some things...and still be able to fellowship together and spur each other on in the grace of Christ to good works?
Oh how important it is to hold firmly to truth and respond in grace and humility toward those you disagree with. As soon as I respond in pride to someone I disagree with I am in the wrong... I pray for humility, I pray that I might see Christ’s perspective of each believer.
As the church we have grace upon grace upon grace...what would it look like to extend that?
Professor Myers gave us three purposes of the Church that are right on:
1. The upward purpose of the Church is to joyfully and eternally express the Greatness and Goodness of God together in worship.
2. The outward purpose of the Church is to communicate the Gospel to the unsaved and call them to faith in Jesus Christ.

There is a great cost to this purpose, and “the sufferings of Christ are completed in the suffering of His saints.” (Myers) (Col 1:24,29)
3. The inward purpose of the Church is to express the grace and truth of God to one another in fellowship, service, and teaching.

These purposes amaze me and cause me to both praise God and pray...because I see this in some churches but not in others...
We have the Spirit of God indwelling us, He gives us a desire to connect with each other. What might  be wrong in the times I don’t want to connect with other believers? Me, sin, flesh... Is what is wrong. Me says I don’t need to love every believe, me says if they have different theology then me then most likely God’s not working in and through their life, and me doubts the power of the gospel to continue to transform and refine each believer...including myself.

Professor Myers pleaded with us to be aware of blind stops in our perspective:
All that the New Testament has to say about our  potion in Christ is corporate! We must participate in each others needs, through prayer and serving. Confessing together, calling sin “sin” brings a deep Spirit of unity and allows the grace of God to work deeply.

Lastly this quote really stopped me in my tracks: read it carefully...
Apology of Aristides (to Emperor Hadrian, 125 AD)
“[Christians] love one another, and from widows they do not turn away their esteem; and they deliver the orphan from him who treats him harshly. And he, who has, gives to him who has not, without boasting. And when they see a stranger, they take him in to their homes and rejoice over him as a very brother; for they do not call them brethren after the flesh, but brethren after the spirit and in God. And whenever one of their poor passes from the world, each one of them according to his ability gives heed to him and carefully sees to his burial. And if they hear that one of their number is imprisoned or afflicted on account of their Messiah, all of them anxiously minister to his necessity, and if it is possible to redeem him they set him free. And if there is among them any that is poor and needy, and if they have no spare food, they fast two or three days in order to supply to the needs of their lack of food.”

....that is the early church for have we have we stayed the same?

Pray for the Church, pray that we choose wisely our ‘hills to die on’ and the differences we can let go...pray we never compromise the death,  burial and resurrection of Christ. Most of all, together, pray for the Name of God to be hallowed and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and for the Nations to truly know Grace... Pray, pray, the spiritual realm, on our neighs before the Father is where true unity is found.

Saturday, March 2

Gluten Free- a speech

Gluten Free: at The Pancake House

A speech on Gluten Free: [Some information came from my head others came from recent news articles, and some things I say are debatable in the world of science that is constantly changing]

Gluten free? A lot of people call it a fad diet, most people have no idea what it is…but for me? It is a necessary life style, one that I never will chance because I have celiac disease. Today I want to share with you three categories of surprising facts. If you take hold of these you will come away understanding what gluten is, why it is so harmful to many and the benefits of this lifestyle

FIRST THINGS FIRST. OH, the misconceptions about gluten! Gluten is not glue, or sugar, or dairy, or only white flour and the list goes on. It is to be exact, “a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye,” which means that it is the main ingredient for bread, cake, cereal and pasta. What you probably didn’t know is that it is in…ALMOST EVERYTHING!
- Salad dressings, soups, most sauces, French fries, soy sauce, some vinegars, it coats most fried foods, contaminates most oats and is in many candies.
For those of us who can’t tolerate gluten…it is most likely for life and you can’t just “take a pill” to cure it.
I hope you want to learn about this because you will likely be brushing shoulders with us ‘odd ones’ wherever you go… Studies show that Celiac disease affects one in 100 people, totaling to nearly three million Americans.  This disease is often seen in a blood test but they haven’t found an absolutely accurate way to test if someone has Celiac. Gluten sensitivity on the other hand is much more common, approximately 20 million Americans are affected by it. This is usually discovered after a nutritionist advises someone experiencing certain symptoms to take a 30 day fast from gluten with NO cheating.
You probably are wondering, “WHY all of this trouble with gluten now?”  And there are those of you who are skeptics that still think it is just a “fad” diet…but studies are showing that Celiac disease and intolerance is actually increasing. Scientists suggest that there may be more celiac disease today because people eat more processed wheat than in decades past. The wheat used in all our cereals, breads, and baked goods contain a types of wheat that has been genetically created to have a higher gluten content BECAUSE Gluten helps dough rise and gives baked goods structure and texture.Our bodies weren’t made to digest so much gluten, let alone refined and processed gluten.

Now that I’ve cleared up a few misconceptions I want to inform you about the surprising facts of how harmful gluten is. If someone is gluten intolerant and/or suffers from celiac disease they may experience symptoms such as:
-weight loss, fatigue, hives, difficulty breathing, and digestive problems, it can induce headaches, dizziness, and brain fog where you’re just not thinking clearly, it even can cause bone pain, behavior changes, muscle cramps, depression and the LIST GOES ON.......
People with celiac disease who continue to consume gluten end up slowly starving themselves as their bodies aren’t receiving proper nutrition because their small intestines begin to shut down. The long-term effects of consuming gluten for those with celiac disease are: increased risk of cancers, anemia, low energy, and other health complications due to lack of  a strong immune system.The only known treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet.
You may also be interested to know that untreated celiac disease in children has been linked to anemia, underdevelopment, and even autistic symptoms. Irritability and weight loss are the most common symptoms in children…This is something to keep a watchful eye out for!
Unfortunately a large part of the medical field has not jumped on board with the seriousness of intolerance to gluten and celiac disease which has resulted in many misdiagnoses.
It took one young lady 3 years of experiencing a lot of these horrible symptoms, she visited 75 different doctors around the States before she called a doctor she was listening to on the radio and within five minutes he told her she had Celiac Disease…after this, her doctor tested her for it and she tested positive.

I hope those surprising facts about the harm of gluten got your attention….and lastly, on a positive note I want to share with you the life changing benefits of this eating lifestyle, whether it be by choice or necessity.
Removing gluten can improve cholesterol levels and help heal digestive issues. Some gluten free products contain antioxidants that help sustain the body. Gluten is in most fast foods and processed foods, so by eating gluten-free, you end up staying clear of a lot of unhealthy food choice! You also end up preparing most of your own food at home by using fresh veggies, fruits, meats and alternative grains. This is SO beneficial because you know exactly what you're eating!
My mom spent many years with fatigue, brain foggy-ness, and many headaches. She never tested positive on any blood test to have celiac or an allergy to gluten but not long after she went off of gluten she saw a huge difference. Its been more than five years now and she has never looked back.

In conclusion, I hope you have learned something:
Whether it be you know better what to cook if a friend who’s gluten free comes over, (a “GF” friend for short)
OR possibly, as you’ve listened to me today you’ve been thinking that you have some of these symptoms  that in the past you have just blamed on a bad digestive system or eating unhealthy food.  I would encourage you to consider going off of gluten for 30 days. Remember YOU absolutely CAN'T CHEAT!
Some will try “gluten free” because right now it is a fad diet and if they have celiac disease like me or are gluten intolerant like my mom, they probably won’t change back to their old ways of eating, …it is THAT beneficial and going gluten free is here to stay…I hope you will take some of these amazing facts with you so that at the least, you can be more understanding when someone says they can’t have a piece of your birthday cake or at the most, you will pay closer attention to your body if it is crying out for help.. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 5


to expound on worship.
 its been on my mind for some time...growing as ive seen myself fight within over who and what deserves my praise.
people... oh how i idolize certain people.. friendships...yes i hold them tight and think about them often... people and friendships when turned into an idol quickly...very quickly disappoint and frustrate us.. frustration is when someone isn't meeting your expectation... this is a downward spiral..
dissatisfaction...yes its an idol steals my energy, my thoughts, and wheres on my emotions... for it births anxiety, fear, longings, and painful or beautiful dreamed up circumstances...desiring anything but where i am right now... worshiping dissatisfaction is seen in the amount of time i invest thinking or complaining about my present situation...
the list could go on...not only do i worship people. relationships. dissatisfaction...but also succeeding, praise from others...or being wanted, having plans...and ect.

oh Christ. refine my heart..steel it and may it worship You and You only.

"Worship is only fitting and proper for God..." Pastor Pat
"Worship is an active response to the character, words and actions of God, initiated by His revelation and enabled by His redemption, whereby the mind is transformed, the heart renewed, and actions are surrendered, all in accordance with His will and in order to declare His infinite worthiness" (
Worship God as Creator: 
" For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen." Rms 11:36
"For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him."

All things are from Him and for His glory... worship. worship. worship.

He is worthy. No other thing, person, thought...nothing is worthy of worship..
Only my Creator, King, Father, and precious Savior...He is worthy. all things, Lord show me how i can worship You, choosing to remain in Your grace... Your grace that intentionally pursues my heart...claiming the liberty i stand in when i'm tempted to entertain thoughts that don't honor You...may i see You working in such real ways in and through those around me that it leads me to worship you...bring me to places where the hard and the tired days...are okay because they are opportunities to worship your sufficient strength and your trustworthy, sovereign, faithful Hand... You are Worthy... Your Promises are true.

i worship You.