Sunday, April 21

religion: consider this

Religion: hated, beautiful, sometimes deceiving, other times true, peace, source of anger and deep fear, discipline, hard work, joy…
I’m not talking about true religion; I’m talking about what man has created or found in search for meaning, purpose…peace
I plea with you, to not take lightly what your neighbor believers ... or who the man across the sea worships…because to them it is truth and the only purpose to life…they don’t know anything different
You tell me, ‘but they are wrong and foolish for believing such silly nonsense’.
To that I reply…each is born into this dying world without hope. How do you know truth? If it truly is true then is it not God and God alone who revealed that to you? He opened your eyes to understanding…
He rocked your world with sacrificial love and undeserved grace.
 Weep for those who don’t know the peace you know.   
Pakistan: Photo by Trudi Dalton
Believe with Fear
By Trudi Dalton

A search to find truth
It is evident in everyone’s eyes
A search to know peace
Yet what each one seems to find are lies

Consider the man who worships
Sacrifices and manipulates and appeases
He knows darkness and its sting to well
There are no true blessings, just teases

The woman who bows down, heart un-mended
She dances, prays, burns incenses, searches
Will her gods think her labor sufficient in the end?
Beautiful woman, will you always be a worshiper of many?

Grandfather with a heart rooted in discipline
He has taught well, prayed often, protected what is written
Fasting, honor what he cherishes, never allowed to doubt
One religion, he has no ear to listen

Humanity is broken
What’s true for you isn’t true for me
Hearts don’t know how to be open
Some consider all to be true, yet are left more confused  

Continue searching dear friend
All roads don’t lead to God, but He can meet you on that road
For you, when will the labor for true peace end
Eternity is a feared reality without Him 

Response to the beautiful and thought provoking film: Life of Pi 
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