Friday, February 20


The court yard of God Psalm 92
I have been enjoying art a great deal. Painting takes me places I long to be, even to far corners of the turns my heart to pray for people I am painting for.. I enjoying painting for others, it stretches my mind when something seems to challenging, painting gives me time to listen to music and podcasts, and mainly it's been a place I process life right now. Winter is dark. Painting can be beautiful and life giving. Life is uncertain and can be so difficult, maybe not difficult for me right now but for people I love. I've faced sickness but somehow I still have energy to create. Paintings and crafts from around the world have turned our home into an eclectic cultural experience. I hold our home with open hands and would gladly pack up and move anywhere. No mater where I've lived art and pictures have made it home. Now my husband and I will always get to make our home together. Thankful for him and his love and support of my desire to create and bless others with what I paint.
Beach in PNG. 


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