Monday, March 11

worry much.

Special: mum, her mum and me
summer 2010, WA
today i started to worry.
why? because i realized i have been planning and thinking hard.. i'm trying to figure out my life.
sounds silly. but i just for once want to truly know what my summer is going to hold. i wanted to know i'll have a job and can make money to pay for moody. i want to know if i'll get to spend most of my summer with my sweet little niece.
i wanted to know.

i called mum. she said to not worry and to trust God. i know mum struggles with trusting God too...and she said "God knows our weaknesses" He knows we struggle with trusting Him and wants to meet us in that weakness.

maybe i haven't been spending enough time in the Word. maybe thats why i'm worrying today.

possibly im frustrated because i've yet again...come to a stand still where the Lord graciously has shown me i can't do it alone.

God, i want to trust you...truly trust you... i want to claim your peace today. even though today i'm struggling and i miss my family ... You are good. Help me swell on truth.
Show me the line between  exercising faith and doing things on my own strength.

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